23 MAGGIO 2021


Distance 50 km
Elevation -
Start Sunday 23 May at 07:00 am from Laghi Blu
Maximum time    -
Refreshment points    -
Time gate

Distance 25 km
Elevation -
Start Sunday 23 May at 09:00 am from Laghi Blu
Maximum time    -
Refreshment points    -

Press release

At the beginning of the year we had to give up the 2020 edition, and now we are in full 2nd wave of COVID. But our passion is always alive, and as difficult as it is, we would like to have the 2021 edition. For each of us, 2021 is an unknown, and this certainly does not allow us to think of a ‘normal’ edition, with or without vaccine. The rules are neither clear nor certain, not even today for tomorrow.
So what we can hypothesize today will be a 2021 certainly without our 100k, an online race now is too complicated to be put in place and the organizers side is full of responsibility too.
Our idea is to program the 25k and 50k, both in loop, with a modification that we are sure will tickle you. There will be a limited number for access to the races, and we are also thinking of an event for ‘hard and pure’, therefore without gadgets and other frills, at a very affordable cost. And this to allow us to make you pay the registration only at the last minute, when there is the certainty of being able to run.
We will open pre-registrations in January 2021, when we will also publish the regulation.
The Gran Raid doesn’t give up, your passion is ours too. Follow us!


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