Logo Grand Raid delle prealpi trevigiane

The association “Gran Raid A.S.D.” was established on January 31st, 2014 on the initiative of a group of friends who share the passion for the Pre-Alpine territory and, for some of them, also the amateur race.

Thanks to the enrollment to the UISP, it intends to propose itself in the variegated associative panorama of the Treviso athletics, organizing some competitions and manifestations that present particular link with the mountain territory of the Province of Treviso.

The “Gran Raid A.S.D.” it therefore represents a dynamic and lively reality in sports associations and will certainly represent a pole of aggregation towards those runners who until today, for the most varied reasons, have not yet been able to approach any organized group. The association wants to offer among other things a valid support and exchange of information and experiences and moreover, thanks to the experience gained over the years by some of its founders, it intends to organize sporting events.

It is therefore in this perspective that the opportunity was taken to represent the important competition called “Grand Raid of the Treviso Pre-Alps”, an “Ultra Trail” race in a long-distance pre-Alpine environment that is part of an increasingly popular discipline. So as to attract an increasing number of fans every year. The race takes place in one of the most beautiful mountain settings, that is the Pre-Alps of Treviso, rich in nature, traditions and history.

We would like to thank all those who are making their contribution to keep our group alive.

A cordial greeting from the board of directors!

Gran Raid A.S.D.


Guido Perin


guido perin

Vice Presidente

Bruno Fasan


Luca Campo Dall'Orto


Giovanni Carraro

Giampiero Da Ros

Mauro Nacci

Ettore Scudeller

Giammatteo Ariozzi

Pietro Canzian

Vittoria Botteon


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