Gran Raid delle Prealpi Trevigiane


General Info

Distance 98 km approx
D+ / D- D+5840m D-5770m
Gpx trace Gpx download, clic here
Detailed race description Download here
Departure H 23:00 Saturday 18 maggio 2019 from Segusino
Arrival STOP H 23:00 Sunday 19 maggio 2019, max time 24:00 H
Aid Station 6
Time Gates 11:00 - Passo S.Boldo (km 50,0)
18:00 - Col Visentin (km 80,0)
Max runners 300
Fee €80,00 up to January 31, 2019
€98,00 from February 1, 2019
Registration form Go to the Registration
Registration start November 1st, 2018
Registration end May 12, 2019
Obligatory material Look at the art. 18 of the race guide
UTMB points 5

Race guide

The Gran Raid a.s.d. (email: – Telephone: +39 380 684 8865) affiliated Uisp, organizes for Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 May 2019 a race of Trail Running on long distance, in pre-alpine environment, that runs through paths and mule tracks, the Prealpine ridge of the Province of Treviso and Belluno.

The race will start from Segusino (TV) and will end in the equipped area of the “Laghetti Blu” (280m above sea level) in Via Fadalto Basso in Vittorio Veneto (TV). The race, named GRAN RAID DELLE PREALPI TREVIGIANE – GR98, with a length of about 98 km and a positive difference in height of about 5,850 m.

The event is governed by this regulation and the information published on

a) experience and knowledge of the mountain environment (ability to orient, to follow a path, to face unexpected events typical of the natural mountain environment, such as a storm, the reduction of visibility, or darkness),

b) absence of vertigo;

c) excellent training (it is required to have recently participated in other mountain races, at least 60/70 km long and with a positive difference of at least 4,000/5,000 meters).

d) solid capacity for personal autonomy that allows to manage the problems deriving from this type of test and in particular:

  • to be able to face, without external help, climatic conditions that could become difficult (wind, cold, rain, hail or snow) and also cause hypothermia;
  • know how to manage physical or mental problems resulting from fatigue, digestive problems, muscle or joint pain, small wounds, etc .;
  • be fully aware that the role of the organization is not to help a competitor to manage the normal difficulties of the race;
  • be fully aware that for races in the natural environment, safety depends above all on the ability of the competitor to adapt to the problems encountered or foreseeable, even while waiting for help in case of an accident;
  • know how to deal with any lack of signage (it is possible that signals are removed or modified by events that can not be managed by the organization, for example acts of vandalism or animal intervention.

e) clothing appropriate to the situation and temperatures that can range from -5 ° C to + 35 ° C.

f) maximum prudence;

g) sports correctness;

h) respect for the environment.

Presenting himself at the start the athlete declares:

  • to be in such physical and psychological condition that they can face the race;
  • to have documented about the risks and difficulties that the path entails;
  • to have taken note of the length of the route and the difficulties that this race in nature entails;
  • not to be aware of any previous medical condition, or of injuries that may put him at risk during the event;
  • to have communicated to the race doctor any health information and / or pathology that could increase the risks during the event.

The race will take place in semi-self water and food autonomy.

Semi-autonomy is defined as the ability to be autonomous between two aid points, related to safety, food and equipment, thus allowing to adapt to the problems encountered or foreseeable.

Each competitor must make sure that he has, at the departure from each refreshment station, the quantity of sufficient drinks, food and equipment to arrive at the next aid point.

It is forbidden to be accompanied on the path by another person who is not registered.

Any external assistance outside the refreshment stations is prohibited.

The race will take place in accordance with this regulation, any changes and warnings that will be published on the site:

Participation in the competition involves that the competitors accept, without reservation, all the parts of this regulation.

The race adheres to the “Italian Trail Running Guidelines” defined in Albisola Superiore (SV) on 27-28 November 2010 available on

All persons who are 18 years of age on the date of the race can take part in the competition, in possession of a sports medical certificate for the competitive athletics activity valid at the date of the race.

Foreign athletes will have to produce the appropriate certificate downloadable from the site

Registration must be made online through the official website of the race

Online registrations will open on 1 November 2018 and will close on Sunday 12 May 2019, or upon reaching 300 competitors.

In the event that the registered competitor does not provide the sports medical certificate, the race-bib number can not be delivered and the competitor can not take part in the competition, without the right to any refund of the registration fee.

In the event that the registrations are closed to reach the maximum number well in advance, the organizer has the right to set up a waiting list for the acceptance of further registrations for possible cancellations.

Athletes who are serving disqualifications for use of doping substances will not be accepted.

At the time of enrollment, each athlete can freely join the initiative “I run with you”, to raise awareness to people with disabilities activated in collaboration with the “Piccolo Rifugio” and with ANFASS of Vittorio Veneto. The athlete who accepts to participate in the initiative will receive a bib number, in addition to the race one, with the data of the person with disability combined. The matching will be done by Gran Raid ASD.

The bib above will report the name of the competitor, the name or pseudonym of the person with disability combined and the logo “I run with you”.

The athlete undertakes to wear this pectoral in a visible way throughout the event.

At the end of the event, the athlete commits himself to delivering the “I run with you” bib number to people with disabilities combined with the method chosen by him (personal delivery, sending by post, sending via Grand Raid ASD, sending by institute or person of support) together with a free message of solidarity.

In the event that there are more athletes adhering to the persons with disabilities available athletes will be selected by the organization.

gli atleti saranno selezionati dall’organizzazione.

Registration for the GRAN RAID DELLE PREALPI TREVIGIANE – GR98, will have the following costs:

  • until January 31, 2019 = € 80.00;
  • from February 1, 2019 = € 98.00.

The registration fee includes:

  • all services described in this regulation;
  • the race pack (will be delivered upon arrival);
  • the assistance and assistance service along the entire race track;
  • supplies and refreshments in the race and on arrival;
  • possible transport on arrival in case of retirement;
  • the road book of the route;
  • the route map;
  • the gps file of the route.

On request, 50% of the fee paid in the event of an accident that prevents participation will be reimbursed. The interested party must send detailed medical documentation to The reimbursement is subject to assessment by the organization.

The change of the race is allowed up to two weeks before the start. The methods will be indicated on the website The change of the race costs Euro 10.00.

Race-bib transfer is allowed up to two weeks before departure. The methods for the transferor will be indicated on the website The recipient must register with the normal procedure. Race-bib transfer costs Euro 10.00.

The transport for the competitors will be organized from the arrival to the departure on Saturday 18th May 2019 starting at 20.00.

The journey takes about an hour.

The service must be booked for enrollment with the right to amend until the online registration is closed.

There will be no transport service from arrival to departure.

There is no overnight stay in the departure or arrival area.

On the site will be indicated accommodation in nearby areas.

The delivery of the race-bibs will take place:

  • Saturday 18 May 2019 from 3.30 pm to 6.00 pm at the “Piccolo rifugio” in Via Brandolini Brando, 36 in Vittorio Veneto (TV);
  • Saturday, May 18, 2019 from 20.30 to 22.30 in via Chipilo in Segusino (TV) in the gym.

At the race-bib withdrawal, the competitors will be able to deliver:

  • a bag that the organization will transport to the refreshment-base life in the locality of Passo San Boldo at km 51.5 and then upon arrival;
  • a bag that the organization will transport directly to the arrival.

It will be the competitor’s responsibility to make the bags identifiable by following the instructions of the assigned personnel.

The Organization is not liable for any shortages or damage to the contents of the bags and will not, for any reason, send back the bags that have not been collected, which, for hygienic reasons, will be immediately destroyed.

Each race-bib number is sent individually to each competitor upon presentation of a photo ID or a third person with a specific written proxy and a photocopy of the Identity Document of the delegator.

The race-bib must be worn on the chest or on the belly or on the front of the thigh and be always visible in its entirety throughout the race. The race-bib must not be obscured or modified, even partially. It must therefore be positioned above all clothing or accessories (use of the breastplate is recommended) and in no case fixed elsewhere.

The race-bib is the necessary pass-through to access the shuttles, refueling areas, changing rooms and refreshment stations.

The mandatory equipment can be checked:

  • at the start,
  • surprise along the way;
  • arrival.

All competitors not found in possession of even one element of their mandatory equipment will be immediately disqualified, with no possibility of appeal on this penalty.

The topographic map of the route, in its most updated edition, will be available on

The roadbook will be published on In it there will be practical information such as the closing times of the checkpoints and the altimetry of the route. Each update will be published on the sites indicated above. No copy of the itinerary card will be delivered with the bibs to the competitors.

The organization reserves the right to modify at any time the route or location of the rescue and refreshment stations, even without notice. In the event of adverse weather conditions and such as to jeopardize the safety of the competitors, the departure can be postponed or canceled, the route can be changed and / or reduced, or the race can be suspended or stopped at any point of the route. The suspension, interruption or cancellation of the race will not entitle the competitors to any refund of the registration fee.

The information will be inserted, as far as possible, on the site

It is mandatory to bring the following equipment with you throughout the race:

a) trail running shoes (must be worn);

b) photo ID card;

c) pants covering the knee and long-sleeved shirt;
d) waterproof jacket with hood suitable for bad weather conditions in the mountains;

e) survival thermal sheet;

f) supply of water and food at the start of the race and at the departure from each refreshment sufficient to reach the next refreshment station (minimum 1 liter);

g) glass or other similar container for drinking;

h) whistle;

i) cap or other suitable headgear;

j) lamp;

k) bandage;

l) patches;

m) disinfectant or disinfectant handkerchiefs;

n) mobile phone on with sufficient battery power throughout the race (the route is partially covered by the signal).

It is recommended to bring the following equipment with you:

  • gloves and warm and dry clothing in case of expected cold and / or rain;
  • sunglasses and sunscreen, if the weather provides sunny day;
  • compass;
  • money for the possible purchase of foodstuffs;
  • route card and / or road book.

For those who have a GPS device, it is possible to download the file with the track of the route from the race site.

The use of sticks (which must be kept for the whole route) is allowed. These must be handled so as not to damage other people.

The list of mandatory and recommended material may be modified, according to the weather forecast, with a notice published on

In the event of an accident or other unforeseen event that prevents you from continuing, the athlete’s safety depends on the material contained in the backpack.

Competitors must present themselves at the start in Segusino (TV) by 10.40 pm on Saturday 18 May 2019.

Before the start each competitor must pass through the entrance gates to the closed area of departure to be registered. Failure to access within the time of departure will result in exclusion from the ranking.

The punching is essential because the comparison between two successive checks allows us to ascertain that there is not
they are missing competitors. In case of failure to register the passage and the consequent start of the competitor’s research, any expenses arising will be charged to the competitor himself.

The departure will be given at 23.00 on Saturday 18 May 2019.

The route is classified with the blue dot: “E” (excursion itinerary, an itinerary that almost always takes place on paths or on various terrain (pastures, debris, stony ground) with signs, which sometimes develop on open but not difficult terrain. It can take place on steep slopes).

The route is tentatively composed as follows:

  • 30% path;
  • dirt road 65%;
  • asphalt or cemented road 5%.

The kilometers are not marked.

Competitors must strictly respect the marked race route, avoiding exiting paths or tracks, taking short cuts or cutting sections of the track.

Competitors are required to respect the highway code, in particular in sections where the route follows and / or crosses the ordinary road network, which will remain open to vehicular traffic.

There may be checks not announced on the regular transit.
The route will be marked with flags, balises, arrows, signs, reflectors and other measures that will be indicated on the site or at the start. Normally, immediately after each junction, crossing or similar you must find a confirmation of the route. If the confirmation is not found it is preferable to go back. There may be volunteers at the most delicate crossings but their presence in all points is not guaranteed.

In case of important weather events (for example: thick fog, snow, strong storms), the organization reserves the right to make changes at the last minute in order to eliminate potential dangers or conditions of serious discomfort for the participants.

Any changes will be communicated to the participants and reported by the staff. The organization reserves itself moreover, in the event of bad weather conditions and / or for reasons of safety, the right to suspend or interrupt the current trial, delay the departure, change the route or change the timetable.

On the path will be present employees of the organization in contact with the race direction, via radio link.

Along the way there will be relief posts designed to bring assistance to all people in danger, with the means of the organization or through partner organizations. Official doctors are authorized to suspend competitors deemed unfit to continue the race.

The route is in many places inaccessible to vehicles: the competitor in difficulty can be reached on foot by the rescue personnel or by the volunteers of the organization.

Rescuers are authorized to evacuate competitors judged in danger by all means of their own convenience. In case of need, in the interest of the rescued person, only and exclusively at the discretion of the organization, the official aid will be called, which will take over the operations and will put in place all appropriate means, including the helicopter. Any expenses deriving from the use of these exceptional means will be borne by the person rescued according to the regulations in force.

For this reason, the competitors evaluate a personal insurance that covers any costs for the transport by helicopter.

A competitor who appeals to a doctor or a rescuer submits de facto to his authority and agrees to comply with his decisions.

On the path there will be at least one ambulance in contact with the helicopter, ready to intervene.

Competitors must behave in a manner that respects the environment, in particular avoiding flowers, damaging the flora or harassing the fauna.

The removal from the official track, as well as involving the disqualification from the race, will take place at the sole risk and danger of the competitor.

Competitors must follow the instructions given by the organization’s staff, especially in case of emergencies, suspension or interruption of the event.

They will be organized along the route in the following locations:

1° refreshment: Pianezze km 21

2° refreshment: Malga Mont km 35.5

3° refreshment: Passo S. Boldo km 51.5

4° refreshment: Pian de le Femene km 66

5° refreshment: Col Visentin km 79

6° refreshment: Caloniche di Sotto km 93

Last refreshment: Arrival km 98

At the refreshment stations, water, drinks and food to be consumed will be available on site.

Water supplies will be available at the refreshment stations.

On the route there are public places where, during opening hours, it is possible to buy groceries.

No glasses will be available in any refreshment station; to drink the competitors will have to have a glass or other personal container suitable for use.

It is forbidden to drink from the bottles.

The waste must be given in the appropriate bins.

The detection of the passage, which will take place by the organization or by the competitor’s signature on the appropriate document, is essential because the verification between two subsequent checks makes it possible to ascertain that there are no missing competitors. In case of failure to register the passage and the consequent start of the competitor’s research, any expenses arising will be charged to the competitor himself.

The maximum time to arrive is 24 hours.

There will be 2 time gates along the route:

1) in the locality of Pian delle femene (about 51.5 km) with closure within 12 hours of departure;

2) in the Col Visentin area (about 79 km) with closure at 20 hours from the start.

All participants who do not have to leave the gates within the established times, or who should return to a gate after the deadline, will be disqualified and can not continue the race.

They will be withdrawn or canceled the race-bib and if they continue along the way, they will do so at their own risk and the organization will not guarantee any service.

At the hourly gates a transport service will be set up upon arrival of the late, retired, injured or unable competitors to continue.

A “broom service” is foreseen which will follow the route following the last competitor, in order to be helpful to any retreat and to avoid any injuries remaining without assistance.

The “broom service” staff w

The arrival is in Via Fadalto Basso in Vittorio Veneto – TV, Lago Morto area, park “Laghetti Blu”.

Hot showers and changing rooms will be available upon arrival.

The controllers on the route are enabled to check compliance with the entire regulation. The irregularities ascertained also by means of video images received by the organization after the race, may cause disqualification.

The competition jury can pronounce the disqualification of a competitor, even for one or more consecutive editions, in the event of a serious lack of regulation, in particular of:

  • use of a means of transport;
  • race-bib worn in a non-compliant manner;
  • exchange or assignment of race-bib;
  • alteration or obscuration of the race-bib;
  • failure to detect at a check point;
  • lack of part or all of the obligatory equipment;
  • refusal to submit to the inspection of mandatory equipment;
  • departure from an hourly gate after the scheduled time;
  • doping or refusal to submit to an anti-doping control;
  • lack of assistance to another competitor in difficulty;
  • use of personal assistance outside the permitted points;
  • abandonment of own material along the way;
  • failure to comply with the prohibition to be accompanied on the route;
  • abandonment of waste on the route;
  • pollution or degradation of the place by a competitor or a member of his staff;
  • insults, rudeness, threats or insubordination towards members of the organization or volunteers or rescuers.

The competitor who wishes to abandon must:

  • communicate immediately via text message (indicating name, surname, race-bib number, retired) to the organization. Communication is not necessary if the collection takes place at a time gate.
  • to reach a time gate (from which it will be returned to the arrival by the volunteers present but only after the closing of the gate and compatibly with the available parking spaces) or;
  • to reach a refreshment point (from which it will be returned to the arrival by the volunteers present but only after the closure of the refreshment and compatibly with the available parking spaces) or;
  • ask for rescue intervention.

The race-bib number will be removed or canceled for the withdrawn competitor.

The signaling of each pick-up is essential to avoid unnecessary warnings of rescue: in this case any rescue costs may be borne by the competitor.

The organization takes out liability insurance for the entire duration of the race.

Participation is under the entire responsibility of the competitors, who renounce any appeal against the organizers in case of damage and / or additional risks that arise after the race.

At the time of registration, the competitor must accept a disclaimer of responsibility.

Each competitor expressly renounces to make use of the rights to the image collected during (or near) the race as well as waiving any appeal against the organization and its authorized partners, for the use made of its image.

All data collected in relation to the race will be used only for the organization and management of the same and for any promotional initiatives related also for future editions.

There are no cash prizes. Prizes will be awarded in kind to the first 5 men and the first 5 women.

Prizes not collected at the appropriate ceremony are considered rejected.

The race adheres to the campaign promoted by the Spirit Trail “I do not throw my waste”.

Anyone who will be surprised to abandon waste along the way will be disqualified and incur in the eventual penalties foreseen by the municipal regulations.

The waste can only be given in the appropriate containers in the refreshment areas.

The respect of fauna and flora are mandatory for everyone.

Competitors who do not arrive at the finish within the maximum time will not be included in the ranking or considered “finisher”.

GRAN RAID DELLE PREALPI TREVIGIANE – GR98 has obtained the following ITRA classification: 5 new points.

Any claim will be presented in writing to the organization within 30 minutes from the maximum time. On the claim will decide the jury of competition composed by:

  • a representative of the organizing committee;
  • a security representative;
  • a representative of the medical team.

The decisions will be taken in a time compatible with the obligations of the race, on all grounds of contention or signature occurred during the race. The decisions taken are final.

The organizers invite the competitors not to use drugs during the race or in view of the same unless the use is determined by reasons of health not related to the race.